In some states, the only way to tell the difference between seasons is to go to Starbucks and see if they’re selling pumpkin spice or peppermint lattes. In New Jersey, though, it’s usually very easy to tell that it’s fall by seeing how all the leaves you’ve got on your lawn. Most people don’t find raking leaves to be all that enjoyable, but it needs to be done. How can you make it easier?

There are a few things you might do. The easiest thing might be to not rake too often. A moderate amount of leaf cover is beneficial for your lawn, sometimes even providing a bit of insulation for the winter months.

Also, you might consider not raking at all! Many have found that using a lawn mower to mulch leaves (though it may take multiple passes!) is an easy way to keep their lawn looking leaf-free. Some species of trees actually have leaves that can add nitrogen to the soil, which helps prevent the growth of weeds.

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