Electronic Home Inspection Reports

No home inspection is truly complete without the inspection report - and we provide the best home inspection reports in the area! A good home inspection report is critical because it is the document that is used to show the inspection findings in a clear way, is used...

Selling Your Home Without an Agent

When deciding to sell a home, some people prefer to try and sell the home themselves without using a real estate agent. Although the prospect of saving yourself a lot of money might sound appealing, the fact is that selling a home yourself is not as easy as it may...

The Best Home Inspections Around!

We provide top of the line home inspections here at Nova Property Inspections, and we do this by putting you first and making sure we meet the highest standards in the industry. As a Certified and Licensed Inspector, I am held to a higher level of service than other...

A Guide To New Construction

Many people wonder if it is really that important to have a home inspection performed on their newly constructed house. They might reason that there wouldn’t be anything wrong with it because it's brand new and never been occupied. But, is it really true that nothing...

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