The Benefits of Touchless Fixtures

Until recently, most people have considered touchless fixtures to only be available in a commercial environment, since we’re used to seeing them at our local retail stores, businesses, or other places outside of the home. However, there has been an increase in...

Protecting Yourself in the Backyard

With the start of summer comes more backyard time – working in the garden, firing up the barbecue, relaxing in the sun. We all want to have a good time doing activities like these. One thing to watch out for, though, is being exposed to poison ivy, poison oak,...

Shopping During a Pandemic

Over the last two months, we’ve talked a lot on this blog about how the current pandemic is affecting people’s lives at home. Today, though, we’d like to talk a little more about some practical steps we can take while...

Where Have Your Hands Been?

Do you know where your hands have been? While primarily spread by person-to-person contact, experts have said that the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 may live on surfaces for hours to days after the first contact. Since that’s the case, even though we...
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