While it hasn’t been a terribly hot year so far, it’s still easy to tell that we’re well into summertime. One of the best reasons to be outside, though, is to cook up some delicious barbecued food with an ice-cold beer (or some other beverage of choice!) in hand. If you’re thinking about firing up the grill, here are some things that would also be good to keep in mind.

The radiant heat from a grill can cause serious problems if it’s too close to another object. Vinyl siding, for example, can easily melt like ice cream when exposed to the heat that comes from most grills. In addition, smoke from charcoal is known to be heavy with carbon monoxide. For these and other reasons, it’s always a good idea to keep your grill in an open area when it’s in use.

Also, be sure to regularly inspect your grill. All grills should be kept in good condition, but propane grills especially have a number of additional parts that should be checked out regularly.

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