Small children are fearless by nature, for better or worse. In most cases, that’s probably a good thing. If you are a homeowner and a parent with small children, you’ve likely already thought of ways to keep your child safe from the many dangers that a house can present. Even so, we’d like to share some things to look out for, and if it’s something you didn’t think about – great! If it’s something you’ve already got covered – even better!

Falling hazards: stairs are certainly at the top of the list for potential hazards. However, even one step from one level to another, if taken the wrong way, can bring disaster.

Chemicals: it’s important to store all chemicals high out of reach of small children. More than that, it would be good to lock them up, since children love to climb.

Water: pools are of course very dangerous if children are left unsupervised. However, you may also consider other areas of your home where standing water could cause harm.

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