When deciding to sell a home, some people prefer to try and sell the home themselves without using a real estate agent. Although the prospect of saving yourself a lot of money might sound appealing, the fact is that selling a home yourself is not as easy as it may seem. If you are someone considering this, what factors will you need to consider?

While not using a real estate agent, you can still learn from them. They are experts in their field and so are aware of the amount of money properties in an area fetch. You might have a figure in mind that you want for your home, but how much are similar properties selling for in your neighborhood? It’s important to know this because if not, you could waste a lot of time trying to obtain an unreasonable amount of money for your property.

Become well acquainted with all the legal requirements involved in selling a home. You will want to find out all the rules and regulations as well as any contracts etc. that will be needed to complete the sale. Finding out this information ahead of time will help you feel much more confident to put your home on the market.

Although you want to save as much money as possible by selling the home yourself, be careful not to skip important steps. A pre-listing home inspection is one of those vital steps as it will help you to be aware of any issues with your home before a potential buyer’s home inspection finds them.

So, although selling your own home can seem like an attractive prospect, the key to success is a lot of research and good preparation. If you have any questions about pre-listing home inspections, please feel free to contact us.

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